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Michael Peter Smith

No night so long as when you're all alone
No colder star than when you're far away from home
And through your window no wind more bare and bitter ever blew
No foolish dream that can't believe that if it just rolls up its sleeves
It can fool you
Fool you
There is an island called Forgetfulness
A mile long on which the honored guest
Finds all his crystal tears unshed
See it's like Paradise except everyone's dead
He'd make a wish to go home
But see how wishes fooled him
Fooled him

Oh man that worked out really nice
Now you're livin in a house of ice
Now you get to be what you've yet to be
Too cool
Game over
Six months of night
Six months of day
When once you swore that love would never fade away
Dreams this clever it seems
Are not what they seem to be
But that's what glass in your heart will do
And the more your heart
The more fool you

Now the sky's green lighted
And the wild wind whistles
Round the caves of night
Down a long white hall
Shards of ice so bright
I know they'll get me out
If I can just arrange them right
Some spell yesterday
Some spell never
Some spell look at that kid so clever
No more sorrows
No more fears I mean
Who can cry with frozen tears?
I bet that he could stay right here
For half a million years

Man that worked out really nice
Now you're livin in a house
By a frozen sea
Well you wanted to be too cool
Game over
With fingers blue
Ice in his hair
He'd love to wave a frozen hand
To all his fans out there

Whispering dreams this clever it seems
Should never be listened to
But that's what glass in your heart will do
And the more your heart the more fool you
That's what glass in your heart will do
The more your heart
You fool you

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