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Michael Peter Smith

You have hundreds of miles to go says I
Take this fish to the land of the Finn
For the Finn woman knows more than I do so fly
To the land the blue fireworks burn in
Schlep this fish child
Across the wild tundra tonight
While a pitiless pale moon above
Shines on me lighting whale oil
And sitting at table
And dreaming of someone to love
For though reams of Lapland laddies urgin' mergin'
Would send me little paper love notes of intent
No one could make me consent to dent my virginhood
Like someone venting sentimental on a sturgeon would
And though I'm just a girl from God knows where
Still I'm a dreamer too
I've got a fantasy I'd love to share
With each and every one of you

For sometime now I've had this secret wish
Someone would send me a love letter on a fish
For a fish and a love letter
Just seem to go together
The sooner I get my fish wish
The better I would say
Someone could start out
To pour his heart out on a trout
I'd read and sigh and then I'd fry it my delish
Even when the weather's sunny
And it makes the mailbox smell real funny
Send me a love letter on a fish

Oh I would love to hear from you on one condish
That when you pitch your woo you pitch it on a fish
It would give me such a thrill
To read I love you on each gill
Or darlin' on a marlin
Things profounder on a flounder
If you'd fain complete your pass
Don't be crass employ a bass
Yeah use that shad for a pad oh I insish
Ten million postcards on a school
Holy mackerel Batman cool
Send me a love letter on a fish

Send me a love letter darlin
Send me a love letter on a fish
Show me that you like me
Tuna melt me smelt me pike me
Send me a love letter on a fish
If you think I'm super
Say it with a grouper
When you're mushy on a sushi I'm in blish
If you want a date
Get out your Papermate and
Decorate a skate
Send me a love letter on a fish

I wonder why do I find it so romantic
That your stationery hails from mid-Atlantic
Why billets-doux upon some shrimp
Can make this lady's knees go limp
Wanna kiss me in the dark
Forty-one cents and a shark
Send me some real postal scales just for the halibut
Don't leave me languishing on ice like Lillian Gish
What I'm sharing here is show your caring
On a herring from the Bering
Send me a love letter on a fish
And though most ladies that you know would go oh ish
Send me a love letter
Don't use an Irish setter
Send me a love letter on a fish
And seal it with a kish

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Recorded on: Love Letter on a Fish

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