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Michael Peter Smith

I don't believe that Kai is dead
The sunshine said to me
We don't believe it either
Said the sparrows in the trees
When I asked the grass the blades all said
Why don't you go look for Kai?
Pretty good idea says me to I

So early this morning with the world asleep
I went down to the river so swift and deep
Threw a bright little stone into the very middle
And it sparkled in the ripples as it sank
Saying river, river, have you taken my friend?
Has he sailed away beyond the riverbend
In a boat of white to a sea green blue?
River, oh river, if you tell me true
I'll give my new red shoes to you

The waves rolled by and the waves rolled on
The river sang me a watersong
I threw my new red shoes in the river
But they washed back up onto the bank
River said honey here's the reason why
I can't take your red shoes cause I haven't got Kai
I run a long ways but I don't run forever
Where he's gone it'd make the sun shiver
So I can't take your new red shoes said the river

But Gerda thought
Maybe, maybe
She hadn't thrown the shoes far enough
She thought she'd throw the shoes from a little boat
Sitting in the reeds
Bobbing up and down on the water
She climbed into the boat but
The boat wasn't tied
And she started to float down the river so wide
Red shoes trailing
What a day for sailing
The sparrows flew alongside of her
Here we are
Here we are

To comfort her

And the red shoes floated all on the blue
Like my heart swims in the thought of you
And they sailed away like little red boats
To the land of the Celt and the Frank
Will a princess find them on the shore?
Will they cast a spell on her evermore?
Will she never know what her life is for?
Will they show her on the Evening News
So beautiful in her new
(Here we are)
In her new
(Here we are)
In her new
(Here we are)
Red shoes?

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